Keto Diet Weight-Loss Transformation

Keto Diet Weight-Loss Transformation

– Fat to Fit Journey: Nothing comes free in this life if you wish them only you can make it possible.

When everything seems to be going against you. remember that airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

I was disappointed in myself.
I was embarrassed.
Every glance in the mirror was a constant reminder of my lack of control.
I desperately wanted to change…
But KETO changed my life

This is Sourabh Prajapat’s story…..

I was not fat at the beginning, you would not believe that people used to call me slender in childhood. But as the years passed I gained my weight. My weight was not under control.

Whatever I have achieved till today, I could not believe this is just because of one motivation which accomplished so far.

Keto Diet Weight-Loss Transformation “Part –  1” Before Keto Diet

I had met with an accident in November 2016 and after that ankle fracture ruined my health. The doctor suggested me to take rest for two to three months because it was a major fracture on my ankle. and I was not able to walk because of it. On the second day of treatment, The doctor tied the plaster on the leg and said me not to walk for two months. if I will walk my fracture will not be healed. and yes those words of doctor made me cry. I don’t want to sit in one room for two months. I still feel bad for myself when I remember those days. I looked to be fit before that incident. but those two months made me fat. I had gained 12 Kg in that two months. and my weight becomes uncontrollable.soon after three months  I gained 15kg. Can you imagine? I was vegetarian before that incident, but many relatives told me and my parents to feed me nonveg and Paya soup so that my fracture will heal quickly. and I too in greed to recover quickly I started eating nonveg. I’d like to mention here that I’m a hardcore foodie. and started drinking paya soup regularly in those two months which was the main reason for my weight gain.

Sourabh Prajapat Keto Diet Weight-Loss Transformation
Sourabh Prajapat  (BEFORE KETO DIET) – Keto Diet Weight-Loss Transformation
Keto Diet Weight-Loss Transformation
sourabh prajapat – Keto Diet Weight-Loss Transformation

When after two months I went back to my college, every friend was staring at me and passing bad comments on my body. For them, it was just a casual thing to tell someone that you are looking so fat and looking like an uncle but for me, those comments were becoming unbearable. after one week our college had a plan to go to Delhi. I have clicked many pictures in Delhi. and I was also shocked to see myself looking like not less than a beast. Even I had not uploaded pictures of Delhi tour on my social media accounts just because I was looking so fat in that picture.

Keto Diet Weight-Loss Transformation (Part 2 – After Keto Diet”)

I Promised myself on that day that I will become fit like earlier and Keto Diet played the main role in weight loss Transformation. After coming from Delhi, I started reading about fat to fit stories. and I come across one story of KETO DIET. and I got inspired by that article. and i started searching more about KETO DIET. When i got to know that yes this diet is best for me and then I started keto diet. I told my parents not to ask me for chapati and vegetables for one month. I made my keto diet plan and I decided it follows for one month only. I left chapati and vegetable. I followed keto diet and observed changes from day 17. i used to calculate each day by changing the status of my WhatsApp “Keto day 21 – 60 Day challenge”. I used to change every day. My friends use to ask me what is keto. because they were never before heard of it. and seriously i lost 3 kg in just 15 Days. I used to be 80Kg and i lost 3kg in just fifteen days. it enhanced my confidence and i continued keto diet for almost three months. I felt so positive because of it. I used to sleep on time and felt energetic. Keto made my life awesome.

sourabh prajapat
sourabh prajapat after keto



I invented some keto dish of the egg during my keto diet.

I lost 12 kg in just 2 Months without any exercise. but yes i used to walk 2-3km every day. I become fit. now same friends who use to taunt me for being fat now started giving me the compliment for losing weight. Some of my friends inspired by me and they also started the keto diet but they could not survive keto diet longer. But yes Keto Diet made my life awesome. it made me fat to fit.

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