nana patekar in real life

Nana Patekar in Real life

How is Nana Patekar in Real Life? every fan of Nana Patekar wants to know this thing and in this blog you will get to know all about Nana Patekar’s Real life….


Yeah, I have met many celebrities in My life…

but i am going to share my experience of my meeting with NANA PATEKAR


It was during International film festival of India (IFFI) 45th year, i was doing Celebrity management internship in IFFI where i escorted Nana patekar, Divya Dutta , Ravi Kishan and Bhag milkha bhag’s Director Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra.

Nana patekar in real life
Nana patekar in real life

(Pic clicked by Rakesh Om Praksh mehra from My mobile, Divya dutta in red , me, nana, ravi, and drivers and two lil cute girls standing with me and nana are daughter of his security guard)

So i remember it was last day of IFFI ( 30th November 2015) and after Grand Finale shoot of IFFI, Nana patekar took us (Divya dutta, Ravi Kishan, Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra and Me) to his Goa’s bunglow. I still remember he told me that not to leake this information with anyone because only few knows about his bunglow. But i don’t know why he was afraid of this. maybe he don’t want people to know that he have sea face bungalow in dauna paula in Goa.

So, the shoot of Grand Finale of IFFI was finished by 8pm of that night(30nov15) and we were taken to his bungalow. He went their already with his driver a half and hour ago for some arrangement at his house and we came late by half n hour. when i was told by Divya Dutta(Actress) that we are going to have a dinner at Nana Patekar’s bungalow that night . i was super excited. may be it’s like a dream come true because me and my family are very very Die hard fan of Nana patekar’s acting. so ravi kishan (Actor) said to divya dutta that he is also coming in our car. and it feels like really? i will go with Rakyesh sir , Divya Ma’am and Ravi sir? and yeah… that was not dream.

I never had met any celebrity before that and i just came to pune that year for my graduation and it was my first internship and also first visit to goa where i was assigned a job of celebrity management. so you can feel that how much was my excitement level that time.

So it took one hour to reach his bunglow. and where i met his security guard. because that time ravi sir, divya maam , rakesh and Nana patekar was having chit chat in Parking. so i was feeling uncomfortable so i also started talking to his security guard(because he was standing next to me). i asked him where we are in Goa? because i don’t know about goa that much that time so i asked how far is airport from here. because rakyesh sir was having flight at 11.45pm(that night) and i was told to go to airport with him. so his security guard answered that its just nearby. its my habit to ask more questions like reporter so i asked him how you feel to be a guard of india’s well known celebrity ? he answered, “Nana is very humble person, even he treat his family like his own family member. Nana never scolded him. Nana pays for his daughter’s (she was in 3rd class that time ) education. even nana never stopped my daughter when she goes to his bunglow. because many celebrities never want their security guard family to enter in their house. but Nana is very different – he said. He also added that he loves my daughter so much. whenever he comes to his Goa bunglow after shoots he just search my daughter to love her. he bring gifts for daughter. He is wonderful person. I never felt like i am security guard of any Celebrity because Nana never had that celebrity type arrogant attitude. he go for walk in morning when he is in goa bungalow. Neighbour comes to meet him and he meet everyone with smile. This was the words of Nana Patekar’s security guard.

and after this conversation we moved to his bungalow for dinner. and i was feeling shy that time that how can i will have dinner on the same dining table where this all well known celebrities are sitting. but Nana said me to sit and he ordered his servant to bring alcohol. and there was glass on table in front all of us. so i knew already that servant will put alcohol in my glass to. but that time i don’t drink. yes ! you heard it right I don’t drink that time. so i told his servant not to put alcohol in mine. and Ravi kishan said “What happened’ bro” take it ! Don’t be shy . and i laughed and said i don’t drink. somehow i convinced them. and they said its okay and Ravi asked his servant to serve me a juice.

But that time i decided to start drink. because that moment was so embarrassing because everyone was enjoying alcohol and wish i could also.

Malhar patekar (Son of Nan Patekar) also came and joined us. he was speaking marathi and even nana started talking in Marathi. and asked me where you from in marathi i said am from pune . he said oh wow! Punekar. then i answered i am from udaipur but studying in Pune’s Indira college of communication. so that’s how we had words. after that we all finished our dinner and now its time to go airport with Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra sir. so we went to airport. After reaching when he was going. i said sir give me blessing (I touched his feet like we hindu do to elders) He smiled and said all the best for future do well.

This is how my experience. but main thing to notice was Nana Patekar having sea face bungalow and three AUDI. but on social media his image is like he lives in 1bhk with his mother and lives a simple life. How so hypocrite this celebrities are.


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